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Profit and loss statements and balance sheets, which are the popular cornerstones of accounting, do not always provide the insights required to make key business decisions. Today’s dynamic market environment demands smart indicators, real time financial operational reports and management account reports, for quicker decision making.

Bookkeeping for Business

At Valenta, we offer bookkeeping and various other accounting services that can be completely managed by us. Tailored solutions to meet your individual business needs, whether you are a small, medium or enterprise sized company.

Bookkeeping for CFOs | Valenta BPO US

Bookkeeping for CPA's

We offer a range of end-to-end virtual bookkeeping services to accounting practices and CPA’s across the US, eliminating the need for you to recruit resources. We are recognised in the industry for our quick response times, enabled by the diverse rich experience our virtual bookkeepers possess.

Captive Offshoring | Valenta BPO US

Build Your Team

At Valenta, we have the know-how to assist businesses to setup their captive center. In a nutshell a captive center is suitable for businesses who are ready to employ 300+ staff. Identification of office space, recruitment of resources, training, or any other help that you may need, we can provide it with ease.

Business Essentials | Outsourcing | Valenta BPO US

Business Essentials

Valenta has designed a Business Essentials Package to help SMEs improve efficiencies through bookkeeping, digital marketing and virtual assistant services. Tailored to suit a range of business needs, our packages enable businesses to engage resources as per their requirements thereby reducing costs and overheads.


At Valenta BPO we offer customised end-to-end engineering services with precision and expertise second-to-none. Our team of highly qualified Engineers deliver services in mining, mechanical, civil, structural and electrical engineering.

Financial Crime Consultants | Valenta BPO US

Financial Crime

We have a robust track record in defining, deploying and managing AML and KYC initiatives for financial institutions across the globe. In fact, we have several clients on the Fortune 500 list, helping them improve their operational efficiency and compliance.

Virtual Financial Planning Assistants | Valenta BPO US

Financial Planning Assistants

Our financial planning support teams and financial planning administrators can help you with various administrative tasks and implementation activities, annual reviews, advice implementation and general business administration.

Medical & Dental RCM

To be a successful billing professional in the Medical and Dental field, our Valenta’s programs will provide you the knowledge and the tools you need.

Legal Process Outsourcing | Valenta BPO US


We offer an outsourced Paralegal service with a highly-trained team who will improve your productivity and optimize on business outcomes, whilst reducing costs. Our team has experienced professionals, trained to address specific project requirements and versed in United States law.

Virtual Paraplanning Services | Valenta BPO US


We have the world’s largest team of virtual Paraplanners and Financial Planning administration experts, enabling us to offer additional resources with specific skill sets, or dedicated teams, based on client requirements.

Outsourced Tax Preparation | Valenta BPO US

Tax Prep for CPA's

We support CPA firms by collecting and reviewing documents and preparing tax returns, ready for filing. Additionally, our team can also examine balance sheets and interpret and classify individual items and interpret tax liability and treatment of various accounts.

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